THE MOST IMPORTANT MEMBRANE SUPPLIERS Worldwide Desalting Plants Inventory as per 31 December 2011


Capacity of plants contracted between 1990 and 2011 (m3/d)

DOW (incl. Filmtec)                          6.605.778
TORAY      5.439.000
NITTO DENKO (incl. Hydranautics) 4.600.000
TOYOBO 895.000
KOCH (inc. Fluid Systems) 735.000
DUPONT 730.000
KURITA 565.000
TRISEP 470.000
GE (incl. Osmonics + Ionics) 460.000
Please not that for 50% of the total installed capacity the supplier of the membranes is not known.  
Please note in addition that the capacity of a plant with several membrane suppliers, the total capacity has been added to each of the suplliers.